Keycard Registration Flow(2013/04-)

 Before you applying...
Ensure that your e-mail settings have been adjusted so that you receive e-mails from irc☆ on the registered e-mail address.  Sometimes, notification e-mails from the IRC are misclassified as spam.

Keycard Registration Flow
① Enter the necessary items into the Keycard Registration Online Application Form and submit the form. Ensure that the payment budget items have been entered.  (An auto-response will be e-mailed to you. Please keep the receipt ID safely.) 
Students cannot register keycards alone. Ensure that the person bearing the expenses is also registered (i.e., the supervisor).

② At a later date,  we send "keycard usage application" to expenses burden person by interoffice mail.  Then, fill in required items, attach the seal of the person who will bear the expenses, and bring it to the center or send it by interoffice mail.

③ After submitting the sealed application form, a password for the online login system for the analytical devices will be sent to you by e-mail. Please ensure that you can login properly.  Users can change the password.

④ Because of keycard is required for using devices except as several, please receive it at CRAC (science collaboration center bldg. 307)
※ Office hours: workaday 9:00 ~ 17:00.

⑤ Renew or return the keycard (February to March)
  Guidance will be provided. Please follow these instructions.
  If you do not perform the procedures by the due date, then the keycard will be considered lost, and the person who bears the expenses will be charged 3,000 yen per keycard.

There are two application processes for keycard usage.
Sorry, this link is only Japanese.

Sorry, this link is only Japanese.
You only need to check the boxes for the appropriate Payment budget item(s) for analytical device fees and  the University operation cost budget item(s).
At a later date, this can be changed to a project or Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research.
※Set budget items can be changed at any time.
Select this form if the analytical device fee payment budget item is a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research or a project.
At a later date, this can be changed to university operation costs.
※Set budget items can be changed at any time.